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Do you know what finance options are available to you? Most people don’t. Once we gain an understanding of your current financial position and your future goals, we can show you the finance options best suited to you. You will be surprised at the difference it makes to your financial security and well being.
Take a look at some of the examples below. There are real stories and real results which our team members have produced for some very happy clients. We’ve changed their names to protect their privacy.
We can make this kind of difference for you, too.

Julian and Vanessa

Close to Retirement Yet Still Able to Boost Future Security

Meet Julian and Vanessa, both in their early 50’s and now only 13 years from retiring. Julian works in IT and currently earns $170k p.a. with Vanessa running the family home. Both their children, who are in their early 20’s, are still living at home consuming part of the household income via food and bills. They have also been financially supporting the extended family.

With no financial plan in place and neither Julian or Vanessa monitoring their expenditure, it was no wonder they found themselves into a personal debt crisis.

Over the last 2 years they have accumulated approx. $71,000 between

  • a new car loan of $38,500
  • credit cards of $19,500
  • a personal loan of $13,000

This costs them $1450 per month so there is nothing left over to save or invest. This, coupled with their super predictions, means they are heading towards a retirement income of around $31,000 p.a. combined.

We have now re-structured their finances, creating a surplus cash-flow of $1050 per month which has NOW allowed Julian to invest to help them achieve their long-term goal.

This investment has helped reduce his tax by over $7,000 in his first year and they are also using the income to help offset their personal mortgage interest which will save them thousands over the term of the loan.

With cash-flow reviews Julian and Vanessa are on track to look at further investing within the next 24 months.

Andrew and Becky

Wealth Planning for a Young Family

Andrew and Becky are a couple with two young girls. Becky is looking after the family and home while Andrew works full time as a General Manager earning approx. $240k p.a.

It was great to see them planning ahead. Their aims were to:

  • Pay off mortgage asap
  • Build assets
  • Minimise tax
  • Maintain lifestyle, travel, good future education for the kids
  • Set-up SMSF & ultimately become financially free on $100k p.a. by age 55.

We helped them to refinance their mortgage which reduced their interest rate by .25% or $1650 p.a. and after receiving a valuation, we were able to help them into their first investment.

We helped them set up an SMSF and did a comprehensive review and restructure of their insurances which created more personal cash-flow to help reduce their mortgage. After the SMSF set-up was complete they were able to purchase a second investment with their super funds.

With the property market very strong, the client’s portfolio value has increased by $300,000, allowing further equity to be released. This has allowed them to purchase another 2 investments in their personal names.

The focus in the next 12 months is to maximize their debt reduction on the home creating further equity to continue moving forward.

With careful planning and great advice, you too can achieve similar results.


How a Single Mum Became an Investor

Joanna is a single mother in her early 50’s. Her divorce left her with a mortgage of
$180,000 to pay off. At her current rate it will take her 15 years to pay off – straight into retirement age.

On her initial visit, Joanna had 3 main goals

  1. Preparing for retirement (now a major concern as she is on her own)
  2. Being able to financially assist her kids when they decide to buy a property, for which she would need $100,000.
  3. Maintain lifestyle now and in her retirement years with around $50k p.a. to live on.

Joanna’s main concern moving forward is lack of surplus cash-flow.

We helped Joanna set up her loan structure which now has a functional offset account and a budget which Joanna can use moving forward. We also lowered her interest rate by .5%.

Additionally, we set up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) for Joanna, consolidated her super, and reviewed and re-structured her personal insurances. She now has a secure investment in her SMSF which will be paid off by retirement.

After 6 months of maintaining her budget which has Joanna ahead of her repayment schedule, she was able to purchase an additional investment in her personal name. The additional income produced plus the tax savings will help Joanna repay her home loan even faster.

All with having the same available money to spend week to week!

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