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How do you know if you are paying too much tax?

At Option Accounting, we know that one of the important keys to building your wealth is taking advantage of tax incentives and deductions along the way. How would you know if you were benefiting as much as legally possible? Given how complex the tax rules and regulations are, you really need to seek professional advice, especially if you want to do more with your money than simply live from pay to pay.

Look beyond the tax return and consider the tax benefits of investment.

We all know how important it is to keep our accounts in order and to lodge a tax return each year, but investors need to do more than that. You need to stay up to date with changes in the Tax Act and allowable deductions. You need to know about any changes to the way investments are managed for tax purposes. Above all, you need to know how to make tax work for you rather than hold you back.

We work with a team of fully qualified tax and accounting specialists who will show you how to accurately record your transactions, and how to capitalise on tax incentives for wealth accumulation.

Once you have embarked on an investment plan, our experienced team can help you streamline your processes to reduce your tax obligation. They will consider all available tax deductions and find the best options for reducing the amount of tax you pay each year.

You may need specialist tax advice and assistance with:

When you choose to work with the experts at Option Accounting, you have peace of mind in knowing that we can handle all aspects of your finance and investment needs and plans.

If you have any questions about tax and accounting for investment purposes, please call us on 1300 878 898.