Self-Managed Super Fund

Self-Managed Super Fund

Take advantage of the benefits offered by a Self-Managed Super Fund.

A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is one that is set up as a trust, where you are the trustee. The fund is managed by you and your advisors to achieve the results that you want. There are a number of regulations your fund must meet and there are tax implications to consider. So it’s important that you have expert advice on the set up and management of your fund.

What are the benefits of an SMSF?

There are many benefits of an SMSF and these are two of the most important.

Tax Benefits

SMSFs benefit from concessional tax rates. While you are still building up your fund, the tax is capped at 15 per cent. When you start to draw on the fund, there is no tax payable, even on capital gains. A carefully managed SMSF can help you build a solid retirement nest egg and reduce your costs while you do it.

Investment choice

Because you are the only trustees in the fund, you have much more flexibility when deciding how best to invest your funds. You don’t have to worry about meeting other people’s needs, so you can plan a strategy to achieve your own goals. You might choose shares, high return investment accounts, property or to invest in overseas markets. A traditional super fund is much more limiting.

What are my responsibilities with an SMSF?

Every fund has regulatory requirements to meet in order to remain compliant. First you’ll need to establish a trust with yourself as trustee. You’ll need to prepare and submit an annual tax return as well as monitor the performance of each aspect of your investments. This can be a daunting task so it’s a good idea to work with an expert in the field. We can help you properly establish and administer your SMSF, and take care of compliance requirements including completing your fund’s paperwork, and managing your fund’s accounts, tax return and annual audit.

SMSFs are a very clever way to help secure your financial future, but they are complex. Speak to one of our experts to see if this is a strategy you should be using.

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